Since I started taking private Kundalini classes with Rita over a year ago, my life has changed. I am much more centered and relaxed. Rita seems to know each week what I’m in need of, and miraculously shows up with a lesson addressing it. Working with Rita is a weekly highlight.
— Fatima Rodriguez, manager

For the past one and a half years I have had private Kundalini classes in my home with the amazing Rita London, aka Sensei. Every week I organize 4-5 friends to come over and experience the incredible grounding qualities of this moving meditation which has significantly impacted my life. Rita’s dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for Kundalini is infectious.
— Dr. Donald Rolland, plastic surgeon

It is a great experience and pleasure to have private Kundalini Yoga lessons with Rita. The breathing techniques, asanas and meditations all bring me deep peace and serenity. Rita is a wonderful teacher and pays attention to every detail. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Kundalini and does so with joy.
— Laurent Kahn, restaurantier

Rita creates an environment in her class that inspires me to go beyond what I could ever accomplish on my own. She does this by bringing to her classes a sincere enthusiasm for Kundalini Yoga, a deep and ongoing knowledge of the practices, and a natural leadership personality. She plans meticulously for each class and they unfold in a clear and decisive way and at the same time the atmosphere is one of joy. Everything is infused with her intention for the well-being of her students.
— Frank Born, artist

Each and every one of Rita’s Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes are transformational experiences. Her precise communication skills arise from deeply grounded wisdom. As she pushes and encourages us to reach our limits and face our negativity, daily stress melts away and positive and self- loving emotions replace self-defeating judgements. Most importantly, I feel grateful to have found a teacher whose heartfelt passion for sharing Kundalini healing technology has inspired greater self-care, patience and faith in myself.
— Michael Stern, entrepreneur

I love Rita's class. She is very supportive and loving and magically brings you to go further then what you would do by yourself. Her class is a perfect balance of meditation, movement , relaxation and chanting. I always leave the class feeling uplifted!
— Elsa Rueff-Lyon, artist/textile designer

This meditation class was the perfect break from my hectic work day and computer screen. Through short breathing exercises, I not only recharged, but also gained more energy and clarity that I can return to my desk with. Thank you!
— Anna Krishtal, program director

The end result of this meditation class was heightened focus and energy while being completely relaxed.
— Khahlil, graphic designer

This was a really useful meditation session. I thought meditating would make me tired, but it really woke me up!
— Rebecca Johnson, accountant